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You won't believe what happened yesterday---it was like a dream!I live in a village development of apartment-style homes in Auburn, Alabama. One of the best things about my end unit is that I have a decent view of the lake, a much appreciated amenity when I’m working at my computer and able to enjoy the view.

Within a one-mile radius of where I live is a movie theatre, a shopping mall, a row of restaurants, some new subdivisions, a medical park and Lee Scott Academy. This is anything but uncongested countryside!

Yesterday (Groundhog Day, right?), I was at my computer, working on a flyer… listening to piano sonatas in the background…when…did someone say MOOVE?! When I looked up out the window, COWS WERE LOOKING IN! Can you imagine my surprise?

Close friends and family know how much I love cows. They’ve always brought me some “magical” feeling, perhaps inspired from the vivid memory of a cow-jumping-over-the-moon mobile that hung in my bedroom of early childhood.

At first, you know, the disbelief of the scene is trying to register while my heart sprints into a hundred miles a minute pace…I scared my cats to bits as I grabbed my phone and camera and raced out the door. The management office answered my call to let them know that “cows are here!” “Oh, someone called who is looking for them,” they told me.

So here are some pictures I was able to snap, following them towards a parking lot where they must have felt cornered, because then the ones in the back---I thought they were smiling for the photos as they seemed to be staring at my camera--- began sort of charging towards me and the others followed suit. I raced back up the incline from the lake, back towards my place, hearing their stampeding behind me, synchronized with my heart rhythm! They kept on along the lake, towards the backside of another building, and, I expect back towards home. On my side, somehow, the grass looks greener now.

I hope they enjoyed their visit as much as I did!


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