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Easy Christmas Stories -- any sources or recommendations?

Dear fellow tellers,

I accidentally started two discussion groups with my question yesterday, but I hope by addressing you through a blog post you can advise me.

I have been invited to tell stories to a beginning English class here in Germany (near Munich), third graders. I have some stories I normally would tell, but since the holidays are coming, I am looking for some easy stories, the kind one might tell to kindergartners or preschoolers, with a Christmas or holiday theme. Participation stories would be great.

Do you have some recommendations for me?

Thanks! Judith (whose photo doesn't seem to upload)

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Comment by Judith Alexander on November 23, 2010 at 1:08pm
Thanks so much for the idea. I have told Stone Soup in the past, so this would be an easy adaptation.
Comment by Vicky Parsons on November 23, 2010 at 5:32am
I'm doing a xmas show this year and also looking for such stories, however I can recommend an xmas version of stone soup. It's a really good warm up story and i've found it a hit with most groups that age. All I do to make it xmas is say it happened at xmas - the version I tell is quite xmas themed:

A village where no-one talks to each other or shares their food, going through hard times.
A strange woman appears and they all come out of their houses to tell her where to go.
She says - I'm not here to take anything, I'm here to give - a nice bowl of stone soup.
They stay and watch and she makes the stone soup,
asks for salt, then pepper, then stock then whatever the kids want to put in.
They all eat it together, chat, sing carols etc etc.
Old lady packs away to leave: "where are you going? What if we want to make stone soup?"
She says not to worry they can make it anytime and she leaves them the stone.
They put it in the town hall and every year on xmas they get together and make stone soup!

Or something to that effect.



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