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FACEBOOK and MYSPACE - Gift of the Gods and Evil Nemesis of all hard working people everywhere.

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I personally wouldn't touch Myspace with a ten foot pole - other people swear by it - I use Facebook very successfully to boost my listeners on my podcast. When I produce a show I link it on Facebook.

I have my personal account and a fan page for me and fan page for my show. The page for the show attracts mostly older adults and the fan page for me attracts teenagers who have seen my shows. I don't really advertise my fan page - so it's only few people - but still it's nice to have fan page when I have a bad day.

I have used Myspace and find it cumbersome and hard to work with. The key in both Myspace and Facebook use is understanding that you are using it for professional reasons. Well you could be.
If that is true then you need to block ALL applications - this will save you years of time and energy - and allow you to focus on building relationships. Just spend five minutes a day on the increasing who you know and suggesting friends to people they should know through Facebook and before you know it you will be completely connected – hopefully into your target clients community.

If I was a storyteller - and I am and I was interested in working in festivals and I am - hint - then I would become friends with all the festival organizers I could find on Facebook and Myspace. That might be a start. - or if your practice is in local schools why not friend up your client base - so that you can easily see what 's happening in there world.

Of course if your also gong to be friends with your uncle Charlie and he is going to write about your weekend retreat with boys. You probably don’t want your school clients to having access to that Personal Facebook account.

Friend me up my Facebook page is..

My Storytelling Fan Page is

My Podcast Fan Page is…

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Comment by Sean Buvala on December 19, 2008 at 9:58pm
Thank goodness. I thought I smelled cinnamon.
Comment by Brother Wolf on December 19, 2008 at 9:22pm
I wrote this for the focus group on Social Networking - but I thought that everyone might be interested in the posting - I posted it here in the hopes that a few people might share their thoughts in the main discussion back in New Media - Blogs, Podcasts and Social Networking group. Since you asked - those are my dyslexic thoughts - now back to making Christmas cookies!

Luckily - we live in a free country - so your welcome to reply here if you really want to you. :-)
Comment by Sean Buvala on December 18, 2008 at 8:47pm
Eh, well then if I can't respond here, then why post it here?



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