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FEST: Federation of European Storytelling...August 11-13th, Reading England, come along!!

Hello my fellow story fiends and friends

A great swelling noise is rising, from the heart of Europe. Some years ago storytellers gathered from near and far and asked how they could build a European Community of storytelling. Some wanted more places to work, others wanted to hear what other countries were doing, others simply wanted to connect and grow stronger.

It has tumbled and tossed over the waves of time these last few years and manifested in a great gathering at Oslo in 2008. Last year FEST gathered in Lausanne in 2009. And this year it is to be Reading 2010.

I had the honour of attending FEST 2009 in Lausanne Switzerland. It was a phenomenal experience. I met 65 other storytellers from all sorts of places, I met masters and novices, business folk and folksy folk. There were theatre tellers and community tellers, international festival organisers and the independent teller going it alone. We listened to speakers, we gathered for Special Interest Sessions and we formed bonds of friendship over the 3 days of the Conference. We drank to each other's health and listened to each other's stories. We got to hear presentations on the state of storytelling in the new member countries, and we got to hear about special projects.

IT WAS AN INSPIRATION. Never had I been so surrounded by talented wonderful and eclectic tellers that covered every ounce of the spectrum of storytelling. The isolation I felt as a storyteller disappeared, and I was overwhelmed with ideas and energy from all these amazing people. I was picked to go onto the Steering Group to guide FEST forward towards the meeting in 2010.

Myself and the four other members have been working hard on everything FEST like. It was a long haul but the Conference is finally approaching and we want you to be there!

Please find attached the form for participating at the conference. Get in touch and come along to see what all the fuss is about. Your voice, and the voice of your organisation is important to FEST's future. There are limited places so please get in touch soon.

I'll see you there!!PARTICIPATION FEST10-1.doc

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Comment by Stacia Keogh on June 25, 2010 at 8:14am
Finally visiting the site after all sorts of distraction least of which was a lovely trip to Ireland and the op to tell at Milk & Cookies at the Dublin Exchange! But that was back in April and yeesh it's almost end of June!!!! Where has the time flown?? I have submitted my app: alibet way late--so we shall see what we shall see! Thanks for posting this and working on this conference Clare!



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