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FFHL Blog--"Trek (2 of 7): Meeting Professor of a Like-Mind"--posted by Rachel Hedman

When I introduce myself as a professional storyteller, usually I must explain what I mean by "storytelling".

Then you meet rare individuals who know exactly what you are talking about like David C. Dollahite, Brigham Young University professor.

This is two of seven posts relating to my info-gathering trek to BYU on October 21, 2008.

When I scheduled an appointment with Professor Dollahite at 10:00am on October 21, 2008, I already knew that the courses he taught aligned with my "Family Famine: Hunger for Love" narrative production. As my outlook for the program reflects "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" document, he teaches a whole semester course entitled "Strengthening Marriage and Family: Proclamation Principles and Scholarship" based on that very document.

There may have been over 45 BYU Family Life faculty, though his vita stood out.

These are other topics he researches/teaches:
  • Religion and family life in Christian, Jewish, and Muslim families
  • Latter-day Saint (Mormon) family life
  • Fathering and faith in fathers of children with special needs

On top of these pursuits, he received Award of Merit for creating the hymn "As Families in the Latter Days" from the LDS Music and Cultural Arts Committee 2006.

As I knocked on Professor Dollahite's door and he welcomed me inside his office, I had to smile as I could tell in that instant that regardless of how he could assist in my narrative production, here was an all-around good person. He is the kind of guy who inspires ideas simply by being in his presence.

Imagine my surprise when he mentioned he attended the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival and that he even performed at it a couple times!

To discover more details, go to my "Family Famine: Hunger for Love" blog. You can also find the group on Facebook to be a supporter--either of the project or for me as an individual.

Until we tell again,

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Join professional storyteller Rachel Hedman in the development of a major narrative production to premiere on February 9, 2009. Family life can starve when fed abuse and abandonment with stories that gnaw at the stomach. Then Rachel shares the feast of patience, humor and unconditional love through multicultural tales mixed with song and personal reflection. You are welcome to the table.

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