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FFHL Blog--"Trek (7 of 7): Which Title Inspires You?"--posted by Rachel Hedman

If ever you want to expand your mind, then there is someone you must talk with: Dr. Marsha D. Broadway.

This is seven of seven posts relating to my info-gathering trek to BYU on October 21, 2008.

When I wrote my Honors Thesis "Transformation of the Storyteller's Identity and Role Through the American Storytelling Movement", Marsha was my thesis adviser. As one of the founders of the Utah Storytelling Guild, she had inside knowledge of the storytelling community as well as intense English and grammar skills. To this day, she is the Head Juvenile Literature Librarian in the Harold B. Lee Library at Brigham Young University (see above picture).

I could not have had a better adviser.

While on the BYU campus, I was anxious to hear any questions she would ask about the project. Any question would be her way to open my mind rather than purely out of curiosity.

Marsha read my title and description and wondered, "Why did you call it 'Family Famine: Hunger for Love' rather than 'Family Feast: A Hunger for Love'"?

Her point was that the "famine" choice had a more negative or pessimistic view.

I could not answer for a while. I always thought of myself as an optimist. When I had asked friends and family to vote for a title in 2005, "Family Feast" was not even an option. Yet, the word "feast" was a word used within the description.

To discover more details of titles to vote from and comments, go to my "Family Famine: Hunger for Love" blog. You can also find the group on Facebook to be a supporter--either of the project or for me as an individual.

Until we tell again,

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Join professional storyteller Rachel Hedman in the development of a major narrative production to premiere on February 9, 2009. Family life can starve when fed abuse and abandonment with stories that gnaw at the stomach. Then Rachel shares the feast of patience, humor and unconditional love through multicultural tales mixed with song and personal reflection. You are welcome to the table.

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