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With all the budget cuts taking place right now, it is unwise for storytellers to rely on arts councils, arts commissions and other sources of work we've enjoyed in the past. This recession is taking a toll on everyone, and performers are certainly feeling the pinch. We have to get even more creative when we drum up business, particularly if we want to continue to pay the bills. Since I am an optimist, I continue to keep my eye out for interesting, and untapped possibilities. My most recent experience providing a workshop for a business symposium was an eye-opener. There is life beyond school, libraries and city/state/national funding. I'm jazzed (and so were they)! One step at a time will get us through this.

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Comment by Dianne de Las Casas, Founder on January 20, 2010 at 1:05am
Beyond borders, that's what storytelling is about! You just stepped beyond! Good for you, Glenda! And good luck!



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