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A very long time ago, longer ago than memory allows, there was a river.

A river deeper than the deepest ocean.

Full it was, full of all the most beautiful plants, fish and animals, its waters clear and bright, cold and refreshing.

For many years the river had flowed deep underground. Unseen and unheard by the world.

And one fine bright day, the river found a way - a way to come out into the world, to show its brightness, its unique sense of self, its beauty.

It bubbled up from the ground in a spring, it trickled along the ground, and gradually built up momentum, until it became as big as a brook, singing its way gently through the land.

The little brook felt the pull of the ocean far away, and responded from deep within, the pace of its growth was slow and sure.
It started to spread, slowly and surely, wearing away the bed of the ground on which it flowed, smoothing the rocks along its path.
Rounding off everything it touched.

Humans began to admire its flow, rejoice in its glitter and sparkle, love it's song as it moved faster and faster towards it's union with the greater sea.

Man saw his chance, now was the time to use this power, to run hydro electric power from the river, and so he built many dams, to slow the path of this mighty flow.

And the river flowed on, deeper and faster it grew, wider and wider, until the dams could not hold the strength of the river, and man could not stem the flow of this mighty surge.

By the time the river came within view of the ocean it had become a mighty torrent, speeding through the countryside, full of life, power and sound, until at last, the two seas met. Flowed. Joined.

And man realised that Nature cannot be turned from its destined path. No matter how hard he tries to change it.

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April 2009

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