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Free Telecourses: Be a Better Dad (From the DaddyTeller™ Author)

How to Be A Better Dad- Telecourses
We offer two types of telecourses in addition to our live training events and keynotes.

Let's have some Free TELECOURSES!

30 Minutes…5 Tips…0 dollars

DaddyTeller TeleCourse: Be ready to be a better Dad by the end of the call.

Next Free Call:
5 Things To Do that Will Make You a Better Dad- Today.
(Yes, Moms, you can join us, too.)

(Choose May 17, 18 or 21. Details at )

We call these our “lunch hour” telecourses, but you don’t need a whole hour.

Hey Dads! When you first looked into the eyes of your newborn child, did you think, “I wonder how I can make this go wrong?” No! You wanted nothing but the best for your child. Let us help you be the best Dad you can be.

National storyteller, author, parent of four kids (now teens and young adults), and speaking expert Sean Buvala takes you on a fast-paced, keep-you-awake-and-interested telecourse teaching you five fathering tips about things you might not even know you don’t know about being a better Dad. In most cases, there will be time for questions if you want to hang around at the end.

The conference is free of charge. If you still pay long-distance charges (who does that anymore?) to a 712 area code, then those charges are up to you.

Take 30 minutes to learn something new about being a Dad. New Dad, Old Dad, Any Dad- Sean has something for you. Hey, he might even be funny.

And…. you’ll be a better Dad by the end of the day.

Come join us: parents, not-parents, moms, dads, grandparents, anyone!

Details and registration at:

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