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Hi All,

we have now finished running workshops with Jewish and Arab groups. First event was a visit to a Palestinian refugee camp in the West Bank called Tul Karem, where we met Palestinians and heard their experience, followed by a meeting of 50 people (25 from each side) who met in an olive grove to share experiences hosted by Combatents for Peace, a group of ex-warriors from both sides who have decided that the gun won't solve the problems. We met under a canopy and despite three visits from the Israeli Defence Force, and the Police we had several hours of sharing. We have also visited Jerusalem YMCA, a Circus school and a theatre for young peopl, as well as drama students at Haifa university - each of whom have mixed groups meeting and sharing together in the name of peace in this land. We also attended a symosium of Arab storytellers, working with young children to support the growth of storytelling in early years development. This was followed by meeting Women of vision of mixed group who met in America some years ago and who meet up and work to promote peace. We have heard heart rending stories from all sides, and whilst I realise that this situation is not simple the cost in human terms is vast and very, very harrowing to hear. Yet the hopeful element is that there are many here who, despite all the tensions and difficulties are determined not to give up on each other. All have gone well with everyone saying that the meetings have been a very positive experience. We have just enjoyed a well earned day off before preparing

thanks for the messages of support. We haven't met with the Jersualem storyteller mentioned, and I will pass on the good wishes to David and Roi.

Tommorrow is our last day in Kulkarem, by the Sead of Galilee (where I swam this morning). After this we travel to near Harduf, in the north for the storytelling festival with the Gateway to Humanity centre and two and bit days of storytelling.

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Comment by Roisin Murray on June 5, 2009 at 1:50pm
I am now back from the trip, exhausted and humbled by what I have seen and heard. I now need some time to sort out my experiences. I am hoping to develop some stories to share around what some of the people I met told me. I have their permission and good wishes to do so. There are many stories from all sides that deserve a hearing. Thank you all for your good wishes.
Comment by Olivia Wells on May 26, 2009 at 4:13pm
Send my good wishes and love to both of them, and I am thinking of them at this busy time.




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