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Cradled in the mountains of Melbourne, The Gem Community and Arts Community Centre is at 19 Kilvington Dr Emerald. The centre holds a small theatre, just right for storytelling. Other rooms in the centre are just right for workshops and the cafe/bar completes storyteller requirements. In fact, it is just right.

Set in the leafy green of the Dandenong Ranges, Emerald boasts some fine cafes and restaurants with local bed and breakfasts providing comfortable accomodation.

The perfect spot for a school of storytelling, and so we begin.

Saturday Oct 9th 2010 will be the first of the workshops offered by Harper's School of Storytelling. With enthusiastic storytellers, musicians, poets, singers and artists, the school and what it offers can only grow. On this first outing, we are focussing on those working in early childhood with two workshops: Stimulating Storytelling and Adventures in Rhyme, Song and Story (c).

Visit for a copy of the post card or email the school on or phone 0488 48 00 45.

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