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This story is written for a close friend at a difficult time. I hope it helps.

In the old times, when time was stiller than now, there lived a young man.

Taking his sword in his hand, the young man decided that the moment had come when he must walk out into the world, and find the song which had been calling him for so many years.

The song had been whispering gently to him from time to time, in little moments recently, and it was gradually becoming stronger and louder.

The words of the song were not yet in his understanding, and he knew that if he followed the words and the voice – eventually he would reach a place where everything would become clear.

His parents were sad to see him go, and his first love cried bitterly – and she knew that where he was to go, was important for him, his purpose was heart led and he must find its ending.

Before leaving his parents handed him three things.

A large book, in which he could finally write the song that had eluded him for such a long time, a silver pen filled with unfading ink, so that the song could be recorded for ever, and a packet of seeds, that never emptied – so that he could mark his journey with flowers – hearts ease – so that any who followed might know the right way to go.

He embraced his parents, wished them love and a strong journey, then turned to his first love.

“My sweet one, this is one place that I must visit, and I will not return. In time you will follow me, and remember that hearts ease will mark the footpath on the way.”

“My love, I am deeply sad to see you go, for I cannot hear the sweet song that you hear, and I know it fills you with a deep joy that cannot be denied. Please take this with you – for it has been a part of me for so much of our lives, and I would feel happy if I knew you had me with you”.

With that, she handed him a tiny gold heart on a chain which contained a lock of her own hair. She put it around his neck and kissed him gently on the lips.

The young man smiled and his heart filled with love for the family and for his first love, there was nothing more that he needed, so taking his bag filled with gifts, and wearing the heart on a chain around his neck, he set out on the road, following the sound of the beautiful voice that called onwards.

The family watched the young man as he disappeared over the hill, into the sunset, and as he dropped from view, the most beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky, as if gifting the family with a last shaft of love straight from the heart of the young man.

The journey had only just begun, and a wonderful journey it was to be.

What was the song? We may never know, for the young man reached his destination – but all along the way, he strew hearts ease seeds, which still bloom to this very day.

with love and hugs

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