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How the mosquitos were created - a sami fairy tale

This is perhaps more of a legend, than a fairy tale, and there are a couple of varieties of it. This is more or less a translated version of how I use to tell it. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story.

Long time ago, the greatest god, Jupmele, created the world. And when he was finished, he noticed there were left a lot of dust and small bits and pieces, that really were only rubbish.

The great God, Jupmele, wondered what to do with it. After a bit of thinking, he collected all of it, and put it into a big sack. He tied it well. Then he notices a small, lappish woman, sitting outside her lavvu tent.  Jupmele walked towards her, handed her the sack, and said:

- Please take this sack. Watch it very carefully, but remember, no matter what, you must not open it.

The woman promised to do what Jupmele told her. She put the sack right in front of her, sat right next to it, and she watched over it, carefully.

Suddenly she noticed, that something seemed to moving inside the sack. She moved closer to the sack. What did she hear? A buzzing sound. What could it be? What was inside the sack? She wanted to open it, but she remembered what she had promised. But what if she just took a little peak inside? Tied up the rope just a little, just enough to take a quick look inside? The woman found out that could not do any harm.

So very carefully, she tied up the rope, opened a small gap in the sack and looked into the sack.

Bzzzzzz...! Out of the sack came flying a swarm og mosquitos, first they hit her right in the face, but then they flew out in the world, spreading all over. And that is how the mosquitos were created into the world.


Jupmele was the greatest of the gods in sami myths, and the creator of the world. He was the father to the God of the Sun, Beijve and the God of the Moon, Mano. This old religion is very similar to other nature religions in the world.

Some people think that the mosqitou´s creation were kind of a mistake, a punishment, because of the woman´s curiosity. But in fact, Jupmele knew exactly what he did, when he handed the sack to the woman. 

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