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I have just come across a wee story/poem that I wrote a couple of years ago

I was wondering if anyone ever comes across something they have written and put on line then forgotten all about them, I was looking through my friends website/blog. the other day and came across two of my tongue in cheek poems as I call them, it was before I developed the new Dodies Dream World, and I sent them to her to view and hadn't realised she had put them out for me.
I haven't had much time to do hardly any writing this past week, as I have to tell you all that my mother in law had a series of strokes on Tuesday night. she is in intensive care and making good progress but these sort of things do turn your life inside out and start you wondering many different things for the future. Please do say a wee word for Joan to help her in her recovery, thanks.
And now I shall entertain you with a little writing about a fairy that dropped in for tea last night, followed by the another little
writing that was written at the same time.

A Fairy Came To Tea Last Night

A Fairy flew down to tea last night, she was wearing a gossamer gown.
But instead of her looking happy, she was wearing a terrible frown.
Her eye-brows they met in the middle, her wings hung limp by her sides,
She stood there, her hair in a tissy, I couldn't believe my own eyes.

"Why are you looking so angry, what is it that makes you so glum?
Why are you pulling such faces, you look like you've swallowed a plum?"
The blue fairy sat on my table, crossed legged, her head on her knees,
Little sobs they came all a sudden, "They've vanished, they've taken my seeds."

"Taken your seeds, such sadness, you say they have vanished from sight,
Did you hide them safe from the Goblins, or the Elves that were prowling last night?"
Blue fairy jumped up on the teapot, her little eyes flashing like fire,
Blue Goblin"Those goblins, I forgot it was Saturday. I bet it was them."she did sigh

"Oh dear, then, there already useless, they will already, be turned into flour,
For there's nothing a goblin likes better, than the blue fairies seeds of desire.
"How will I explain to the elders? How can I put everything right?
I'll be banished to some far off country, somewhere far, far, away in the night.

Blue Fairy, she jumped off the table,
Blue Fairy, she walked out the door.
Her shoulders were drooping so lowly, her eyes looking down to the floor
And the moral of this sad story, to prevent and avoid such a plight.
Is always take care your desire dear, and your seeds, on a Saturday night.

The Missing Danish Pastries

Down at the bottom of the garden,
The Danish Goblins dwelled.
And on, one, hot and windy day,
One screamed! and then he yelled!
"Who's stole my Danish Pastries?
And nicked my strawberry flan?
I'm undone, quite besides myself,
I, will have to make a plan."

Our Danish Goblin called his mates,
Who lived, beneath the hedge.
He told them of his stolen cakes,
From off his window ledge.
"I suppose it could be garden gnomes,
They're all looking kind of fat."
But Gertie, pushed them all aside,
Me thinks, it was "That Cat."

The cat was sitting ''neath the tree,
Cream, all about her face.
She eyed the Goblins up and down,
And then, began the chase.
First they watched the slant, eyed puss,
Till, her whiskers, began to quiver.
"Stand aside men!" Gertie cried,
Whilst I grab her tongue and liver.

The Goblin swayed, the big cat strayed-
much closer to her quarry.
She stretched her paw, with nail and claw,
And Gertie didn't tarry.
Next up came Bert with his garden spade,
He swung it round his head,
He missed the cat, and hit a rat,
Then toppled down quite dead.

Then, with a grin, the puss did spin,
Her tail, curled round her paw.
She sent them sprawling cross the lawn ,
Then made it quick towards the door.
The Goblins then beat, made a hasty retreat,
Then assembled 'neath the bushes.
With scratches and bruises from head to toe,
There were no more, heated rushes.

The Danish Goblins sat quite still,
Each with their own remorse.
Ne'er again would they stand the pain,
Of the pussy cat's, tail and claws.
Gertie decided right there and then,
That, they all, would take a pledge.
If they ever made Danish Pastries again,
They would never, ever, be left on the ledge.

Seligor August 2007

Hope you like these little tales, hehe

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