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"Improve Your Bookings With The Google Mind-Reading Trick" (Inexpensive video)

Hey folks- I am working on the March video now so this one is going away soon. If you are interested in this affordable little video for marketing training, then read on:




This product is fourteen days of access to the February 2011 Premium Page coaching video:

"Improve Your Bookings with Google Changes and The Google Mind-Reading Trick"

Sean says:

Most of my bookings now come from the Internet in its many shapes and forms. Search engine results still count.

Google has recently made a big change to its methods of ranking sites. Are you ready? Google is trying to give the most current and up-to-date sites to its users. What one thing can you do to stay listed? I'll talk about this on your training video.

Your site needs be growing, changing and staying relevant. Unless you have an older, "authority" site (like the ancient site), keeping your blogs... (learn more on the video)

In the video, I will show you a trick to use that will allow you to you tap into the "mind-reading" skills of Google. With this trick, you will have a better idea about (learn what in thevideo) every time you sit down to create content.

"But I don’t use Google," you say. That is irrelevant. Google is the most-used search engine on the planet. The content that (learn what on the video), makes your sites better for Bing,Yahoo and the rest.

Kind regards,

Sean Buvala

The video is short and to-the-point and includes a transcript of the video (in .pdf) for your own review.

When you place your order, you will receive an Email with a link to download a .pdf file that contains the link to the video page as well as your personal password that will give you access to the video and transcript. 

Premium Page Members of! DO NOT order this video. Your free personal access code was sent to you via Email.


Visit this link now to order or get more info: 

Price: 6.00 USD


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