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International Panelists Announced for 2010 Storytelling Conference

International Perspectives on the Art and Tradition of Storytelling.

On Wednesday July 28th, 2010, we'll be presenting three special international panel discussions on the art, use, and tradition of storytelling around the globe, at the Arts and Culture Centre in St. John's as part of the 2010 Storytellers of Canada-Conteurs du Canada Conference (

1:00pm - 2:00pm Peace Panel
2:00pm - 3:00pm Children`s Panel
3:00pm - 3:30pm Break
3:30pm - 4:30pm International Panel

"Storytelling, Peace and Conflict Resolution"A Panel with Karen Gummo (Canada), Michael Williams (Scotland) and Liz Weir (Ireland)
Moderator Albert Fowler (Canada)

"Storytelling, Education and Children"A panel with Cindy Campbell (Canada), Laura Kamis Wrang (Denmark), and Karen Chace (USA)
Moderator Gail de Vos (Canada)

"International Perspectives in Storytelling"With Christina van der Wal Anonby (Netherlands), Dr. Ntombizodwa Cynthia Gxowa-Dlayedwa (South Africa) and Terry Rollins (USA)
Moderator Mariella Bartelli - Canada/Italy


Karen Gummo gives adult workshops through TALES (The Alberta League Encouraging Storytelling), the Epcor Centre for the Performing Arts in Calgary, and through a program called Storytree where she facilitate young students to uncover, recreate and perform their stories in a theatre setting. She nurtures the creative spirit in folks of all ages.

Michael 'Doc' Williams tells contemporary and traditional tales from around the world with a particular focus on North America. His repertoire includes Native American tales, Canadian folktales, and stories and songs from Appalachia, the Wild West, and the folk tradition. He particularly enjoys sharing stories and songs of peace and non-conflict drawn from a variety of cultures and suitable for all ages.

Liz Weir has thirty years of storytelling experience and was the first winner of the International Storybridge Award for "exemplary work in promoting storytelling between Ireland and other countries". She is director
of the Ulster Storytelling Festival and a featured teller at major festivals in Ireland, England, Scotland, and in the United States.

Cindy Campbell was born and raised in Nova Scotia with roots in Prince Edward Island and heard her first oral stories as a child while sitting around my grandparents kitchen in P.E.I. After 25 years of performing, she
is foremost a storyteller but also a varied performer: singer, musician, puppeteer, actor, writer.

Laura Kamis Wrang is a Danish and Canadian storyteller, actress and teacher living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since 1990 she has been telling stories and doing workshops on storytelling drama and voice an body work.

Karen Chace grew up among a large, extended Irish family in Massachusetts, surrounded by stories and storytellers all of her life. She has been sharing stories professionally with a wide range of audiences since 2000 and is the founder and director of a student storytelling club in her hometown.

Christina van der Wal Anonby is working as a researcher in the department of Department of Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures at Leiden University in the Netherlands; as well she is an honorary member of Khanogo Kumzari (the Kumzari cultural association) of Oman and Iran. Currently Christina is writing her doctoral dissertation on Kumzari storytelling, grammar, and discourse.

Dr Ntombizodwa Cynthia Gxowa-Dlayedwa teaches in the Linguistics Department of the University of the Western Cape, South Africa. Her earliest research focused on analysing orally transmitted traditional folktales, and her most recent research interest is rooted in culture and verbal and nonverbal Intercultural and Cross-cultural Communication.

Terry Rollins grew up in a Southern family where storytelling was a way of life. Whether it was conversation at supper or at a holiday get-together, or talk heard at a big family reunion, no time together was complete without loads of stories and laughter being shared. Terry returns to Newfoundland to
take part in the international panel, but will also be presenting a pre-conference evening of stories by Edgar Allan Poe in the historic Newman Wine Vaults.

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