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Introducing LoiS Sprengnether and Reisa Stone, Professional Storyteller's Newest Adminstrators!


It is with great pleasure that I announce the newest members of the Professional Storyteller Team: LoiS Sprengnether and Reisa Stone. Both LoiS and Reisa are longtime members of Professional Storyteller. Welcome, ladies!

Happy Tales to You,
Dianne de Las Casas
Founder of Professional Storyteller

About Lois Sprengether

After roughly 35 years of combining storytelling with being a children's librarian, I'm now a full-time professional storyteller.

Some of the places to find me on the internet besides my website:
*MI Arts & Humanities Directory
*Historical Society of Michigan Directory
*behind the scenes of the Youth, Educators, & Storytellers (Y.E.S.) Alliance as my position on the Y.E.S. board is webmaster
*I've added to my own website the following blog that lets you see online the email newsletter "MIStory", which lists Michigan storytelling events & I post information related to storytelling groups in Michigan . MIStory online's address is
*I'm also the administrator/founder of a social network just about storytelling in Michigan at
*I'm also the Michigan state rep. for National Storytelling Network so this lets me help promote Michigan storytelling & Michigan storytellers.
*locally on
*As a member of Northlands Storytelling Network, I'm found on the Michigan page of
*National Storytelling Network's information at

After all those years storytelling in libraries, I've a large international folktale repertoire, which can include puppets, sign language, music & dance. I also reenact Liberetta Lerich Green, who grew up on a Mich. Underground Railroad Station & was active in the Civil War homefront effort. Liberetta always travels 100 years into today, so she has many historical topics available to her. Additional historical reenactment characters are a Hired Girl and a 1 Room Schoolteacher. Workshops for children, teachers, librarians & storytellers, including residencies are also available.

About Reisa Stone

Reisa collects and rewrites Ukrainian legends as well as recounting her intense experiences with animals tame and wild. She has recently completed her gonzo memoir of a Baba, "My Goat Prefer Naked: Ukrainian Soul Food with Stories From the Village." These are wild stories Reisa has collected over a lifetime of listening to refugees and immigrants. Check out her very brief story sound clips in the left hand column! Yes, it says "My Music," but these are stories.

She performs her Baba stories in Vancouver venues while hounding literary agents. Live audiences make great editors!In her performances, malcontent Babas wreak borshch mayhem, a murder of crows attend a funeral, and a young man wins the heart of a princess by paying respect to his ancestral heritage of horsemanship---but not before napping on a wood stove and singing an erotic homage to baked fish.

Reisa's first job was acting in a Sears commercial at the age of four. She recently narrated a special for Bravo TV, and brought a local environmental issue to national attention through storytelling in the media. She sings in many styles and is a gospel music soloist. She performs with the Shadbolt Centre.

A devotee of St. Francis', Reisa is passionate about rescuing abused and slaughterhouse-bound horses. Her photos (below) show such a mother-daughter pair, now in loving sanctuary near her home. The big Thoroughbred was a racetrack rescue.

Reisa also utilizes her extensive dog experience to socialize rescues. She is fulfilling her childhood dream of both mothering countless animals and performing on stage.

"May my heart be broken by the things that break the heart of God."

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Comment by Clare Muireann Murphy on August 24, 2010 at 10:25am
Hey good women of words

glad to see the team is expanding, it means it's not all on Dianna, and we won't lose this precious resource. I am just back from the FEST conference in UK and told everyone to get on here and use it as a resource and meeting site. Hope you got enough donations!!!

Will PS survive?! hopefully with all you great women on here, it will!!

beir bua
Comment by Christi U. on August 17, 2010 at 9:30am
LoiS, I completely understand. I just recently got married, but I couldn't bare to lose all the history I had with my maiden name. So, now I'm an Underdown-DuBois. Oy, it's an interesting thing when Welsh & French get together and settle on an Irish household. (Our maternal lineage draw from the Greens & the Gills.)
Comment by Reisa Stone on August 14, 2010 at 8:03pm
Thank you for your nomination and warm welcome, Dianne. You are a gracious, kind, supremely talented lady. I feel privileged to have you as my friend. You have helped and inspired me, and I am pleased to take on this volunteer "virtual Board" position. I hope my work lives up to your bodacious example.

Hello LoiS! Nice to share this honour with you. Teamwork has made it easier to administrate, for sure. Heads up, storytellers: I handle compliments and party invites, LoiS handles grumbles and technical glitches ;-D

Speaking of glitches, I am worried I turned off the "Music" app while fumbling around the site controls, because my sound clips have gone 'poof!' Someone, please inform.

In the meantime folks, visit my story sound clips at: My Goat Prefer Naked: Ukrainian Soul Food with Stories From the Village, and on my website.

My newest project: The Dark Horse Show. Horses are my soul. I have lost many beloved pets to slaughter, including my personal horse when his "forever home" resold him. I am living and breathing this issue, grieving and fighting and creating every day. Watch for my show in Vancouver, Fall 2010.

I use storytelling, song and writing to express mine and others' similar tales. The Dark Horse Show, is a one-woman performance about horses magical, mystical, mysterious, wild, tame, earthy and even aggravating.

Please visit, a resource site/directory I've built for those opposed to inhumane horse transport and slaughter. This Fall, Canadian Parliament will debate Bill C-544, which would close our slaughter plants. I am a member of Equine Welfare Alliance, the organization that worked with the Humane Society to close US plants.

Thanks again for this privilege, Dianne. I look forward to working with you and LoiS far into the future.

Yours in storytelling,
Comment by Lois Sprengnether Keel (LoiS) on August 12, 2010 at 8:57pm
Thank you for the welcome and information posting, Dianne. We go back to even before Professional Storyteller, so it's understandable that my looooooong former last name (now my middle name) is what Dianne thinks of when she says LoiS. That's how that capital S came to be.

Reminds me of the time a fellow storyteller introduced me as "LoiS with the big S" whereupon I looked at my backside and said with a , "I beg your pardon!"

Nowadays I've risked making my name even longer as I've "found my Keel in life!" Hmmmm, can we add a Tag? No worries, that is why I hung on to that long, hard to pronounce, or spell name of Sprengnether. Didn't want to lose about 30 years of experience as a storyteller.

My pleasure joining the team and have already enjoyed getting to know some of our newest members a bit.
LoiS(till smiling as I tease Dianne)



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