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It's here! Beyond the Grave: Ghost Stories and Ballads from the Mountains

My newest CD, Beyond the Grave: Ghost Stories and Ballads from the Mountains, is getting some good reviews. You can read about it on Appalachian Lifestyles and on Appalachian History.
The CD contains my favorite ghost stories, all based on tales from history, court records, or in one case, from the mouth of a child. The Greenbrier Ghost, for instance, is a well-documented story recorded in murder trial records and is the only known case in West Virginia where a man was convicted of murder based on the testimony of a ghost. Burnt House tells the gruesome and yet touching story of Delsie, and how the community of Burnt House, West Virginia got its name. Wizard Clipp recounts a story whose details are still sealed in the records of the Catholic Church, but a priest involved in the bizarre incidents wrote a book about it and the story is well-known in this state. Again, the community's name was for a time based on this story. Holly River Ghost was told to me by a nine-year-old girl, and Sidna's story was found in a 1906 history book. The ballads, with their haunting melodies and sombre tales, are a good fit with ghost stories. If you like ghost stories, I think you'll like these tales.

Order information is available on my blog, Granny Sue's News and Reviews. You can even buy through Paypal!

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