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Learn the Art of Marketing in Our Next July Telecourse.

So, you "jumped and the net did (not) appear?"

You "followed your passion" and get hopelessly lost and broke?

You "did what you want and the money did (not) follow?"

To succeed as an artist, passion is not enough. And blind faith

is bankrupt. It's not enough to "love" storytelling.

Let me coach and teach you how to master your marketing as an artist.

Our next artist's marketing telecourse begins July 8, 2010.

You can register for this popular telecourse today at the link below. As a service,
we have also added a "split payments" option to spread out the fee should that be helpful to you.

Get details, see the videos. Go to:

:::Others Say:

"Thank you for sharing your vast store of knowledge in the recent 'Outside In Marketing Telecourse.' Your insights were enlightening and practical. I really appreciate your generosity in sharing so much to the extent that you added an extra week to cover more material. Particularly inspiring was your ability to react supportively to each participant’s quirky perspectives.

You left me with a lot to chew on. I’ll keep plugging away at your suggestions. I feel sure that my business will increase as I do so. I’ll certainly recommend Sean Buvala to any artist who wants to know how to better run their practice. Your fee was extremely reasonable for the vast amount I received. You definitely gave great value, excellent content, and an enjoyable experience."

-Yvonne Healy, Michigan

::::Others Say:

"Sean's marketing seminar is wonderful. . .I am very grateful for all I learned from him - - and
it's made a big difference for me. Don't hesitate. Sign up."

-Ellouise Schoettler, Maryland

:::We hope you can join us. Read the details,
see the videos, register today.

Kind Regards,

Sean Buvala


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