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Looking for a recording space in TN at the National Festival.

I am interested in recording decent interview footage of storytellers at the National Storytelling Festival. Not the featured presenters - but the other tellers who are coming to admire and appreciate the festival.

To do this I need a quite place to record, hopefully donated, for at least five hours a day every day of the festival - Oct 2nd, 3rd and 4th - 2009. This will help me to continue to present high quality interviews on many different storytelling topics and great storytellers.

Any leads or friends of friends suggestions however small are appreciated.

Keep telling and see you there...

Eric Wolf
(937) 767-8696

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Comment by Sean Buvala on October 1, 2009 at 11:27am
Why worry about the silence? The background noise makes the ambiance of these types of interviews. We used it very successfully for some of the past Amphitheaters at .
Comment by Kat Quatermass on September 25, 2009 at 8:07am
Was at the Acoustic Coffeehouse in Johnson City last night, and met a music producer/public radio broadcaster. I think he has a mobile unit - so might be worth you dropping him a mail to see. He's just starting up a private business though - so whether he can offer free services I'm not sure. Daniel Reid Sewell - Show on the Go

oh! and if you want a perspective on the festival from someone used to the English scene not the American one - give me a shout. (Trainee storyteller, storytelling fundraiser and strategic planning specialist for storytelling organisations in the UK (inc Mythstories Museum, Bridge of Tales Festival (Cambridge) and Young Storyteller of the Year), and now Masters student at ETSU)



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