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We are very fond of our pets and when our little 14 year old terrior wandered out of the yard we were very worried. She is half blind and half deaf and like us -just plain old. She has aches and pains and is stiff when she gets up. Also, she has congestive heart failure and is on meds twice a day.

We were visiting our son in Metairie, LA and she was not familiar with any of her surroundings. She was out of our sight for about 15 minutes when I discovered her missing. We jumped in the car and rode around for an hour. At 9 pm it was solid black so we decided to begin the search again the next morning. We drove the entire neighborhood. Then I walked the neighborhood. I told the mailman, the newspaper delivery man, every person I saw. We called the Humane Society and left our information as we had to return to Birmingham for jobs on Monday. She had her vet tags and we were hoping that someone would call...


At 2 pm on Monday, the manager of an apartment complex across a major highway called to say that she had our Mitzi.

Our son picked her up and we will travel this week to go and get her.


Our sorrow was turned to joy! The boss is back at home and we are happy!

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