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Music stories at the Freight & Salvage in Berkeley, California

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Comment by Bobbie Kinkead on March 13, 2010 at 10:28pm
Freight & Salvage was a fantastic place: stage, seating,the production crew was wonderful, and the sounds was superb, of course, set up for musical instruments. I retold 'How Music Came to Earth' the telling of the Aztec Myth 'all of you was singing'. The earth was given music because the Night Lord, Tezcatlipoca, wanted the colors and the sounds hidden in the palace that the Day Lord owned. The Lord Wind, Quetzalcoatl, captured singers, musicians, instruments and colors to bring to the earth. Only during the struggle with the Lord of Day, the Lord Wind lost a few instruments: the drum was held by leopard in Africa; the pipies were found by the Greek Pan; and the harp heard in Ireland. The children in the audience participated with shakers and blew through straws for sounds. My granddaughter beat a drum as noise and then with rhythms when turtle trick the leopard, then she stroked the harp as the wind blew through the bones of the whales.
The audience had a wonderful time.
Then puppets made and carried all over Freight & Salvage.
One of the best Festivals for Children, in which I had the honor of performing.



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