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Man, are we ever cranky! Dani must’ve rubbed off on us; yesterday she growled if anyone made a peep. We’re like caged tigers, trapped in a box without showers and bathrooms (and wifi). For a frustrating hour we hooked into the sporadic “free wifi” at Dunkin Donuts, which kept dropping our connection, and the kids haunted the Dunkin Donuts window like waifs hungry for a handout. Irritated we ordered everyone into the RV and drove to WalMart to pick up donuts (to pacify the savage beasts) and retire.

Everyone’s feeling the end, I think. Only 5 days left for the family. Wednesday they pick up Grandma Gneiting in Albany and make the long, mad dash for home. Mentally they’re already done. Dani’s still trying to “endure” while Kyrie’s checked back into work mode, chaining herself to Shakespeare and the long procrastinated summer homework. Devon, bored, pesters Dani for her iPod despite her insistent “no!” We all need a change. And it’s coming . . .

I’m amazed. These troopers have marched long and hard across this continent, shoved into confinement night after night. All to pursue someone else’s dream.

They merit reward, and while I wish I could dish out treasure to each, inside I know the journey is the reward. This eternal journey will shape their lives, molding their destinies in veiled ways. Years may fly before this truth sinks in, but it will, albeit in some distant future.

And me? I’m torn. Yesterday I choked up contemplating our separation. “Maybe I should go home with you,” I ventured. Gaylene sagely replied, “Yeah, and you’ll hate yourself the rest of your life. This close, only to bail? I know you, Layne. You wouldn’t.” She’s dead right. I wouldn’t. I can’t. Yet I can’t help envisioning the next two weeks, bereft of mattress, pillow, storage, stove . . . and family. No sounding board at day’s end. No patient eyes poring over my photos. No purpose to bedtime tales. Yet I knew . . . I KNEW I’d end this trip alone. Well before Rafal’s subpoena, I sensed it. It’s part of the Hero’s Journey.

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Comment by Olivia Wells on August 3, 2009 at 4:53pm
I'll still be reading keep going!




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