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New Book: "Measures of Story: How to Create a Story from Floats and Anecdotes."


My next book is now available. I am very excited. We are happy to tell you that we have released our newest book. "Measures of Story: How to Create a Story from Floats and Anecdotes" is now available on Ebook or Kindle! This book is aimed at the non-storyteller, something to appeal to those who are just discovering what storytelling can do for and with them.

If you purchase by August 10th- you will be able to get a free audio version of the book along with a private invite to an "owners only" telecourse. Our kick-off price is just $6.97! That’s right- $6.97 and that includes the bonus items. Come visit the website, linked above, today.

The first chapter is on the website in both text and audio form.

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