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New Storytelling Resource Books by Dianne de Las Casas



I wanted to share some of my newest storytelling resource books with you. These titles are published by ABC-Clio Libraries Unlimited.


Tales from the 7,000 Isles: Filipino Folk Stories

By Dianne de Las Casas & Zarah Gagatiga

(Libraries Unlimited, 2011)

ISBN 978158846980

Tales from the 7,000 Isles: Filipino Folk Stories offers insights into the people and culture of the Philippines through dozens of tales representing the nation's various islands, regions, and cultural-ethnic groups. Designed to provide educators with material with which to enhance curriculum and lesson plans, the stories open a gateway to a rich and unique cultural mix.Order from



A is for Alligator: Draw and Tell Tales from A-Z

By Dianne de Las Casas & Marita Gentry

(Libraries Unlimited, 2011)

ISBN 9781598849295

Young children, no matter what their backgrounds, love to draw—and animals are key among the subjects that entice them. Educators and librarians love "make and takes," easy projects they can do, take, and implement in their work with children. What could be a better learning tool than a book that combines the two?Order from



Tell Along Tales: Playing with Participation Stories

By Dianne de Las Casas

(Libraries Unlimited, 2011)

ISBN 9781598846355

When children participate in story presentations, they have ownership and retain the story, resulting in greatly improved reading comprehension. This book contains 25 adapted tales from around the world appropriate for kindergarten through sixth grade students. Linked to standards and full of fun audience participation, these tales are perfect for the library, classroom, camp, or home. Order from




Happy Tales!



Dianne de Las Casas

Founder, Professional Storyteller

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