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Greetings and Happy 2012

What an adventurous year it has been already!  The move to London was a great success, and I am settled in to living right near the lovely South Bank and all that it has to offer.  I had the pleasure of performing at the Crick Crack Club's Festival of Fairy Tales for Grown Ups at the impressive Barge House, OXO Tower along the River Thames in December.  It was a multi disciplinary event, with beautiful art installations, shadow puppetry, short films, live music and even an in house life drawing class.  There was storytelling too!  Xanthe Gresham, Jo Blake Cave, Sally Pomme Clayton, Ben Haggarty, Sarah Rundle and more.  


Since the new year I have been spending most of my time at an incredible Water Tower in Northampton courtesy of cultural engineer Rosalind Stoddart.  When she heard from Northampton based storyteller Jo Blake Cave that three storytellers were looking to spend the month of January in Research and Development time for the formation of a new company she stepped forward and offered her amazing venue for our work.  It has been a wonderfully intensive month.  We worked on developing various aspects of our performance technique as well as examining what our practice is and how best to improve it.   Our work was supported by the Arts Council UK.

Jo Blake Cave, Dominic Kelly and myself have now formed a new storytelling company called Talking Skull Ensemble.  We have many dreams and ideas about what we will do (including more training with different teachers around the world), so watch this space!

In other news I headed off to Bucharest in February to work with Fresh Approach teaching teachers about storytelling and how it can be used for language acqusition.  

Later on this month, March 2012,  I will be going to America for a short tour including work in San Francisco, Kansas, and Colorado as I return in 2012 for my second Conference of World Affairs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (lucky ME!)

 In San Fran I will be giving one performance and doing one day in a highschool.  In Kansas I will be lecturing and performing at Kansas State University, thanks to Drama Therapist and Professor Sally Bailey.  In Colorado I will be a panelist for the Conference and possibly performing locally.  All gigs will be listed on the calender of my website:  

I hope to catch you on down the road...


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