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Newfoundland 2010 Storytelling Conference makes headlines in Tuscon, AZ

"This summer you could be enjoying the cool days of Canada and participating in a five day storytelling conference, International Perspectives on the Art and Tradition of Storytelling," writes Penelope Star in the January 21, 2010, edition of "Plus, history buffs can partake in the celebration of the 400th anniversary of English settlement on the island of Newfoundland."

Star is the founder and producer of the Odyssey Storytelling Series ( and is currently writing a book about community storytelling.
"I’ve learned that personal storytelling with an audience can build community, become a personal achievement and be a lot of fun," she writes.
In addition to fabulous stories and an opportunity to network with international tellers, the mid-summer Newfoundland conference offers something special to overheated citizens of Arizona -- a chance to cool off!
"Plan ahead for your get-out-of-the-heat excursion," writes Star.
For American tourists and story lovers, Newfoundland is just one hop away from Newark, with direct flights on Continental Airlines to St. John's.
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