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MITZI .HORNS.ANGEL...NOT A DEVIL by Mark Antony Raines.

(You sit in front of me awaiting my judgement )Says the long white beard,long white haired ,yoga wearing being looking down at Mitzi a Female Jack Russell Dog unlucky to be born  with two horns on her head making her appearance like demon like.Mitzi give the being her cutiest stares and The being smiled and said(I shall remove your horns and you be replaced with small round halo looking marks on top of your cute head )With that the horns disappear in place are two small looking halos marks on top of her head ,Mitzi let's put a happy bark meaning to those whom don't speak dog I look like an angel.The being give her another smile and said I shall send you down to the planet earth to help be a local friend ,my Angel dog.

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