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I’m in the middle of mulling a story.  It is really the beginning of the crafting process, I am thinking at irregular intervals about the various different angles I can approach the material.  I ask myself every so often what is the story about, what is the meaning of it all, how does it help me make sense of this life.  And to be frank, at this point I have no idea except to say it is a part of me and therefore important.

The theme of the next storytelling night in Woodend is ‘Ancestors’ and I am really excited by this theme because I know there is something deeply nourishing when we remember and connect with the lineage of those who went before us. 

In my own explorations I have connected to a sense of knowing, that I am not now and never have been bobbing about in this life on my own.  I am connected, I belong to a line of forbears, and this can never be broken.  The ancestors will always be there, they cannot not be. Its like I have a life line firmly tied around my waist and no matter how far out I stray it is always attached.  I just need to remember.

For me this is one of the overarching reasons for exploring the ancestral details - to feel better and more deeply this connection.  But I think there will also be specks of gold understanding, little nuggets of knowing that this is where I have come from, and this influences me, who I am and also the community and society I belong to.

These are the same benefits we get from any understanding of history, be it the big world changing events or the small personal events that shape who we are.

So now I’m ready to dive, way back to the 1830’s and a tiny community of peasant folk in the eastern part of the Kingdom of Prussia.  A place I visited by way of pilgrimage just last year.   

I will explore the process, and the story here in the coming posts. Or come to Story Wise Woodend and hear the oral version (or keep an ear out for the podcast when it hits the stores - sign up and get the news direct to your inbox. 

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