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On the Radio in US and Canada (Part One)

Hello folks,

I'll be on the radio talk shows a bunch over the next few weeks promoting storytelling and the DaddyTeller book. I'll keep you in the loop as the dates get set.

Monday 1/11- I will be on somewhere between 7 and 10 pm Eastern time. It's pre-recorded so I don't know the exact time. I'll post a link to the audio of that after it posts. He is actually on in a dozen radio stations throughtout the US, usually in those early morning hours.

Tuesday 1/12
- for our Canadian friends, I am on live at 915AM Eastern at CKNX 920 Radio. That's out of Ontario near Toronto. The city is Wingham, I believe. You can listen live on their site, too, at I don't know if we'll have any audio recording from this one.

I have some Wisconsin, Iowa and the Virgin Islands coming up soon.

Listen if you have time or are so inclined.

Sean Buvala

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