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PR – Proof that Storytelling Thrives as a Living Art in the 1st Decade of the 21st Century.

The Art of Storytelling Show has had over 115, 000 downloads since it began podcasting in 2007. Created by Brother Wolf (Eric Wolf) in the spring of 2007 , the show brings the best and brightest of the storytelling community to the world stage.

The Art of Storytelling Show is the world’s sole interview- format show dedicated to exploring the art and science of storytelling in all its forms. With over a hundred interviews available for listening to online at, this podcast is becoming the premier resource for understanding and practicing the art of storytelling worldwide.

World-wide listenership of the Art of Storytelling Show continues to climb with over 44,000 downloads in the second half of 2009. International participation in the audience of the Art of Storytelling show has climbed to 37% despite the URL and name change. Here is a map of countries with more then 85 downloads in the last six months of 2009:

World Statistical Information for the Art of Storytelling with Brother Wolf Show

Born as the Storytelling with Children Show, the Art of Storytelling Show has changed its name and broadened its scope, while retaining a lively interest in children’s storytelling. Storytelling has numerous aspects and subtopics; on the user-friendly website, the interviews have been divided into various categories . Topics include storytelling and African Americans, Artistic Marketing, Beginning, Coaching, Digital, Environmental, Festival Organizing, Healing, International, Literacy, Resources for Parents, Peace, Personal Narrative, Professional Development, Scary, Singing, Ceremony, Community, Libraries, Schools and Storytelling on the Street.

Upcoming shows recorded and waiting for release include …

01/13/10 Interview #096 Jimmy Neal Smith – The Future of the International Storytelling Center.

01/27/10 Interview #097 Lloyd Arneach – Perspective on Native American Storytelling.

02/10/10 Interview #098 Ben Nind – Storytelling is Essential to Community Health.

02/24/10 Interview #099 Emil Wolfgrramn – Inside the Pacific Island Storytelling Culture.

03/03/10 Interview #100 Brother Wolf – Answers Questions on the Art of Storytelling.

03/17/10 Interview #101 David Ambrose – The International Storytelling Festival of Wales.

03/31/10 Interview #102 Ruth Slater – Working with String and Stories.

04/14/10 Interview #103 Tejumola Olosboni – Street Storytelling, the Real Deal.

04/28/10 Interview #104 The Storytelling Kid – interviewed by Jim May – What Youth Storytellers can tell us.

05/12/10 Interview #105 Victorea Burnett – Storytelling and Singing.

05/26/10 Interview #106 Michael Reno Harrell - A Conversation on American Folk Music and American Storytelling.

06/09/10 Interview #107 Wajuppa Tossa – Storytelling in Thailand.

06/23/10 Interview #108 Kathy Collins – Storytelling in Action.

07/07/10 Interview #109 David A. Anderson – African American Storytelling.

07/21/10 Interview #110 Alton Chung – Exploring Cultures in Historical Storytelling.

08/06/10 Interview #111 Larry Brown – Storytelling in Higher Education.

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Eric Wolf
937 767-8696

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