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Press Release: "Bobby Jindal's Speech Highlights Do's and Don't of Effective Storytelling," says National Expert.

Press Release
For Immediate Release

Avondale, AZ- National storytelling expert and speaking coach, K. Sean Buvala, reviews Bobby Jindal's "Republican Response" speech and offers four public-speaking tips gleaned from the Governor's presentation.

Buvala, the director of the national storytelling resource site at, says, "Regardless of anyone's political preferences, the Governor's speech illustrates that stories and storytelling can be used in any type of important speech. As a corporate storyteller, I was happy to see yet another national figure make use of story in their presentation. I also think that any person using stories can learn four things from Mr. Jindal's speech."

1. Use intentional hand gestures. Buvala says, "The Governor uses frequent, choppy hand gestures that are synchronous with the syllables of the words he speaks. It looks as if he is conducting an orchestra or cutting onions to the rhythm of his words. Speakers should plan the gestures that they will use with their stories. These intentional movements can then enhance the stories being told instead of being a distraction."

2. Be careful when using...

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