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Somewhere between 8 hour days sitting in a chair and my total loss of any spritual attachment I seek a proverbial paradise that eludes even the quickest wit. I see talent everyday, look at all the funny and distorted features that make such a varied plane of humans so wonderful to watch. I love my job, although my toosh does not agree and the hands too. Nothing a little massage can't handle. Not accepting any offers.

My question is, what is this need to have glorified moments recorded in time? Like pictures, there is always the dad who has his eye through the lens so much all day that the whole experience of the day is wasted with "sit here, no there, a little to left and you didn't smile- let's take another". Only to be stored away with an infinite number of pictures no one will ever print in our digital age. Breath....

Ok, ok, ok- I'm really being happy and optimistic. You should see my pissed of side. Not cute.
So anyway, if you do have the need to be captured in time and glorified in all your storytelling splendor dont get lost. The web is a scary place- go to and let me keep me job!

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