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Reporting from the HOLNEMVOLT Festival

Here is my blog, with new posts about Hungary's very first international storytelling festival:


Multicolored Diary


:))) It. Was. FUN!


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Comment by Christi U. on April 26, 2011 at 2:37pm

I read your entries about Paul Bunyan & a couple about the festival. It amazes me too when tales can cross national borders so easily. I told a whole slew of African Anansi stories last week for a group of pre-K kids. I'm from East Tennessee (U.S.) and can't do an African accent worth anything, but I make a pretty good attempt at Caribbean. Since Anansi stories can be found from the Ivory Coast to the Southern U.S. via Jamaica, it worked pretty well. Still, here are these little Southern kids completely follow my trickster spider for a full 45 minutes. It was so amazing.

    I am also a fan of the comic Fables by Willingham. My husband & I both loved the graphic novels 1-12, but 13 turned us off so badly, we are thinking about not going back. Does it get better after the Literals have the shindig in the middle of that weird storyline? Did you read the novel about the Pipers?



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