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Doing the background research for a storytelling event on the Osage tribe around the period of Chief Tal-lee (Catlin Collections), for a learning center. This will be a great way to begin my own storytelling journey. The first event is with a local sponser who asked me to do an event and has offered media coverage as well as web site development. The stories will be around winter season; therefore, I'm working on a story of my own while at the same time looking over other material and authors I admire. A young college graduate in theater design who desires to do fantasy face painting and backdrops as a profession has offered to assist me to make it a fanatastical experience! So, looking forward to this! Have decided to emphasize a variety of cultural viewpoints in the storytelling as we have a multi cultural community and many International students in this area. Just how to develop it as a project is how I'm spending my time while musing... and listening to melodic music by Enya, Sting, and Celtic Women.

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