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Review - Sean Buvala's "Grumpy Burgers" Teleseminar (Kath Worsfold)

I went on Sean's Teleseminar on Monday, and I got lots of new ideas to try, plus heaps of good marketing tips. Some things I knew of (good to get re-inforcement of that knowledge, though), but most were new ideas that will really help me improve our business and get more bookings. Sean teaches a lot of his ideas in point form (which he then elaborates on) - this is great because it makes it easy to take in and remember. I have already started to use some of the ideas, and will add more as I go along.

I've only ever been on one other teleseminar, and one thing I noticed that was different about Sean's way of teaching is that he is very inclusive and approachable. He kept asking if we understood each point, and welcomed and encouraged questions from us - he seemed genuinely interested in our marketing problems, and with helping us.

If your calendar is full and you have no room to squeeze in even one more booking ;o) - you probably don't need to go on the call, but otherwise, I can thoroughly recommend this Teleseminar - you won't have wasted your time by joining it. It's being repeated on Friday evening - here are the details:

Kathy Lamb Worsfold

Bill & Kath - Kiwi Entertainers!

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Comment by Sean Buvala on November 21, 2008 at 5:28pm

Thank you for the kind words. I work very hard on being learner-centered / audience-centered in my teaching and performing. I am so honored that you talked about that. I spend boatloads of time trying to get that right in all my events and am glad to hear someone mention it.

I am glad that we were able to connect all the way around the world.





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