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I know there is a lot of talk at this time of the year about people being afraid to offfend by wishing people a "Merry [fill in the blanks]" or a "Happy [fill in the blank]" - but seriously who can be offended when someone wants to share a smile, or a helping hand or a positive thought? That is really what is behind the seasonal greetings. A message that says, "Hey, at this time of the year I enjoy a special belief that has all of these good things attached to it; like love, hope, concern, patience, joy, and friendship. I want to share that with you too." Who can complain? Just as our stories can spark a tiny flame of hope, a smile can make everything seem so much better, our ability to share with one another of the best of what humans can believe could maybe ...just maybe.....change the world. All the best of my celebration to you and yours; may we all find peace and joy and lots of new friends in the coming year.

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