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There was once a young woman. She stood, at the entrance gate of a garden, and the size of the gate was so high and wide that she could see no way to climb in, or walk round, for the garden was surrounded by a very high wall. Covering the wall was a thicket of dark thorns - sharp and needle pointed, and all facing towards her.

She had been told by her father that in order to start a new life she had to enter this garden, using a golden key. And this key was inside the garden. The need for her to gain entry was urgent, for her mother was very ill and inside the walls lay a silver forest - at the centre of which was a small house. She was told that the life force, required to make her mother well, was contained in a decanter inside the house. So many layers of puzzle, and so few ways of entering.

For a while she sat and cried - deep sobbing tears of sorrow. What she did not notice was that as each tear reached the ground, it sank deep into the soil - and slowly a long forgotten seed began to shoot upwards through the ground until a small green leaf appeared in front of her bowed head. The more tears that flowed the higher the
shoot grew, until at last it reached the very top of the wall, and began to curve over and ran down to the ground on the other side.

At last, her tears and sobbing ended, she rubbed her eyes and looked up, to see a face looking gently down at her.

"who are you?"

"My name is Mirabilus, and I am the dryad of the oak tree that you have brought to life, with your tears of
sadness, I have heard and read your request for help, and this tree will take you where you need to go - but beware, the Silver Forest is a dangerous place, you must NOT touch the trees or you will be instantly frozen in time, and will never achieve your purpose - to renew your mothers life force."

The young woman climbed up the oak tree, and down the other side, until her feet touched the ground.

Looking ahead, she saw the Silver Forest and through the tangle of branches and leaves the view of the little house in the centre, and a light shining out of one window - surely that was the place she needed to be.

" How can I get there - I must reach the life force for my mother?"

"Child, remember your instructions, you must first take the golden key and go back over the wall, and let yourself in through the gate, then you will find the trees a little less of a challenge."

"Where will I find the golden key?"

"Each human being holds a golden key within their heart, in order to release your own key, you must first
forgive yourself."

"What do you mean forgive myself?"

" In our lives there are mistakes, and if we never forgive ourselves, we create a pool of negative energy
in our hearts - this hinders the release of the golden key to freedom. My child, in order to help your mother
you must be very gentle and kind with yourself."

"How do I start?"

The dryad motioned to a small tree stump next to the wall.

"Sit down here, close your eyes and focus on your heart, and soon it will tell you what to do."

The young woman sat down on the stump, closed her eyes and focussed deeply on her heart,
listening intently for an answer - any answer to help her continue on her journey.
At first the message was garbled and very quiet, but soon she picked up a gentle voice which spoke to her in these words...

"You are everything that you need to be, everything that you are is within you. You have spent so many years
loving everyone else and everything else, it is now time to show love - to you. Please, take a deep breath, and look inwards, reach out with joy and acceptance and embrace the wonderful person you are - fully and completely."

At first the young woman held back, this was so different from everything she had known in the past, and she was afraid to take this enormous step. And there was no other way.

Taking a deep breath, she focussed inside herself and gently began to send loving warmth and acceptance to her own soul, embracing her own joy, loving her unique ability to create a warm space for others, and thanking and congratulating herself on her strength.

As she grew in acceptance, she felt a small movement within her palm, and looking down, saw a key shape beginning to form in her hand. The more love she gave herself, the stronger the shape became, until at last,
she held a beautiful golden key in her hand.

"Thank you Mirabilus for your help, and now I must go!"

"Keep safe child and remember, do NOT touch the Silver Forest, or you will be forever frozen."

The young girl climbed back over the wall, and quickly turned the key in the lock on the chain.
The gates flew open and she walked in, and noticed the path through the woods looked clearer than it had before.

As she walked forward she could hear the trees whispering to her. Nothing became clear until she started to
move through the forest, when the words became louder.

" have hurt her many times, remember remember all those wrongs, remember, remember, you have spoken poison, remember remember, remember........."

Though she tried to close her ears the words filtered through her hands, and as she stumbled on, she remember the words of the dryad.

Focussing strongly on hear heart she began to send loving words to herself, and gradually the voices of the trees became quieter, and her feet more sure on the track.

At last, after what seemed like hours of struggle, she reached the small house, pushed open the door, and
walked in. There sitting in the middle of the table was the beautiful bright blue decanter with a silver top, and standing behind the table was Mirabilus, waiting for her.

"Child you have done well, and this is your last test. You cannot take this decanter yet, until you have
replaced the golden key within your heart."

"How can I do that?"

"Showing love to yourself is not yet natural to you, it is something that you must keep doing every day, this golden key which you have in your hand, will remain with you until such time as your self love is fully integrated - then it will disappear and you will feel whole and complete at last.."

"But then I will never be able to heal my mother? What can I do?"

"You must take the key and place it round your neck on this silver rope. Wear it every day, and it will remind you that love can be shared with yourself as well as others.."

So saying Mirabilus put the key on the silver rope and dropped it round her neck.

"Now you may take the decanter, and go home to your mother - she will soon start to feel better, but
remember - your practise must continue, for your mother's health depends on your love, not only for her but also for you.."

The young woman went home, and gave her mother the decanter of life force.

We will never know how long the young woman was able to keep up her practise, but it is known that
her mother lived a long and happy life.

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