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Oh I don't mean, get out of school days, no I mean Snow Days!

I mean tracking rabbits through the meadow, snow days.  Watching geese feed near a spring, snow days.  Ice encased branches glistening like diamonds and mountains of jewels in the sun, snow days.  I mean, the crunch of snow beneath your feet across a field that no one but you has wandered though, except for a few deer and a fox and the crows who cleaned up after the fox's picnic.  Bright sunshine on white snow, untouched but by a few.

Snow angels?  No, not here... not this time.  This time, is just the awe and wonder of the farm.  My word if I could buy anyplace on the earth, live anywhere or at any time.  I would buy this farm, live here, garden, hunt, watch the life around me.

There's a story in there somewhere.


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