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A zombie apocalypse has broken out. Burt and Horror are the only survivors . Forced to work together with their set up camp in Holsworthy . The supplies they managed to gather are 13 kilos of Baked Beans and 05 litres of Tea. And the only way to defend themselves against the zombie a is a very big set of sticks made from fallen branches in the local woods near the camp  .                                                         

Bert debates with Horror about a cool zombie hunting group name and after some heated words decide upon the name Blood Red Dog. When not slaughtering zombies to the epic tune of Stand and Deliver their watch back episode s of I Zombie on a tablet computer made by cake. Fred and Horror like to visit where they can read updates of other survivors living in America. Using Shanks Pony both Fred and Horror travel to America via a very long being seasick journey slaying any zombie that stands in the way going there. Unfortunately, 1962 kilometres down the road Shanks Pony is destroyed and zombified. My girlfriend married a zombie and Bert are sadly killed in the process. Horror now has to distract my girlfriend married a zombie while trying to fix Shanks Pony with a tablet, Horror for the convenient plotline happened to have a tablet in his pocket for such a problem in case it may happen.After a quick game of draughts is one used to distract My girlfriend is a zombie . After Horror somehow conveniently managed to fix Shanks pony, Horror tries to slaughter the zombie that killed his best friend in the world, Bert. The undead zombie then kills my girlfriend is a zombie making her a zombie, zombie . The zombified my girlfriend is a zombie is just a bit piss off or angry and attempts to attack Horror but the undead Burt zombie in his zombie state sacrifices himself by killed yet again. Horror takes off his jumper to reveal a t-shirt revealing the slogan I AM ZOMBIE . This repels my girlfriend married a zombie, Horror is safe. As Horror turns to walk back a horde of zombies are suddenly upon him. One of the zombies s violently tears a paper cut in Horror a throat and the zombies leave him to die.Horror tries to disinfect his wounds by using some baked beans but it's not very effective.Horror says to himself "i guess I should have played more attention at school.With his last amount of strength Horror writes on into the ground " To the person who finds this note .DONT FORGET TO FREE  THE FISH.Mark"Horror slowly starts to fade away, his life flashes before his eyes."Well at least i did not die swimming in custard"Today was not how i thought it would be.

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