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Share a Story - Change the World Update: April 3, 2009

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- Director's Notes: Three Tips for the Nervous Public Speaker
- Article: Why Storytelling Improves Communication Skills
- 2009: Improve Your Public Speaking In ANY Field!
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Director's Notes:
Three Tips for the Nervous Public Speaker

Dear Guest,

How to Tell a Story?

One of the most searched-for communication skills on the Internet is
"how to tell a story." I would like to give you a quick step-by-step
guide to this process of story telling, drawn from my 23 years of
being a professional storyteller. This is the fast and quick method
to learn a new story.

1. Decide on a story. Sounds elementary, but at some point, you need
to find a story that you love. If you are having problems, search
the Internet for some simple Aesop fables or find some good stories
at a site like .

2. Break the story down into an outline of events so that you can
remember the episodes of each story.

You have two choices for step three. Do one or both if you would

3A. Write out or draw out the parts of the story. Using longhand,
that means pencil and paper, write out the episodes of the story in
your own words. Do not copy the story. Rewrite it in your own words.
Doing this process by hand allows your brain to overcome any
resistance you might have to the story. Knowing you can do this
process with your story is also a way for your brain to overcome
some fear of public speaking that might hinder you from telling this

3B. The other way to break down a story is via "storyboarding," a
technique that many storytellers use. Take a letter-sized piece of
paper. Fold it in half along the length. You now have an eleven inch
piece of pager that looks like a taco. Then, fold the right side up
against the left and then fold the same way again. When you unfold
the paper you will have a piece of paper divided into 8 segments.

Starting at the top segment, draw out each step of the story. This
is only for you to learn so stick figures and bad drawings are just
fine. This visual method may help you grasp the story better than
writing alone.

4. Begin to tell yourself the story, aloud, using your own words
while looking at one of the #3 tools above. Repeat this process
several times.

5. Think about the story you are telling. Are there...

This article continues at

Kind regards,
K. Sean Buvala

Article: Why Storytelling Improves Communication Skills
"Why Storytelling Techniques Improve Communication Skills"
By: K. Sean Buvala

Storytelling is the "mother" of all communications. Every art form
relies on Story to convey meaning. Despite this truth, many
communicators only approach storytelling as an adjunct to their
speaking and presenting. For this quick article, I am speaking about
oral storytelling, not digital storytelling that does not rely or
build on a presenter’s public speaking skills. I suggest that
mastering oral or traditional storytelling should be at the top of
every speaker’s list of priorities.

Here are three foundational reasons that storytelling helps you
improve your presentation skills:

1. Storytelling teaches you to think on your feet. When you learn to
be a good storyteller, telling stories to all sizes of audiences
from 2 or 2000 people, you must learn to adjust your energy and pace
to match the audience reaction. "Reading" or understanding the mood,
energy and desires of your audience is a good communication skill at
all levels.

2. Storytelling teaches you to be spontaneous. While you are
learning to tell a story, you focus on....

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2009: Improve Your Public Speaking In ANY Field!
So, you are not a storyteller, but you are intrigued by the
unfailing power of storytelling to motivate and inspire.

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There is so MUCH to tell you about this course that we can't do it
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