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Seeing storytellers appear in online video isn't necessarily new... but with so many video sharing sites and so many online video formats, there was never one place to see storytellers tell their stories online.

Even the YouTube storytelling channel, a well-kept secret for many years (you'd think that after Google bought YouTube, that Google might be able to FIND a channel on its own property to list in its search results, but noooo...) can only show videos from YouTube.

StoryLabX aims to showcase videos of storytellers no matter where the video appears.

Depending on how the videos are technologically tied to their own sites, you might need to click through to other sites, but with many, you will be able to watch them at StoryLabX.

For a limited time, there's a new video being posted everyday!

You will no doubt recognize a few of the storytellers (if you're in North America), and there will be some engaging and entertaining surprises too.

StoryLabX is meant to be a laboratory to observe how the art of storytelling translates to video. Online discussion over technical and aesthetic issues will be held over at the Breaking the Eggs blog.

I won't be able to post every storyteller's video there, so for now I'm aiming for --at a minimum-- clean visuals and audio.

StoryLabX can be found at:

Bookmark the site, or subscribe to it (click on the RSS feed button at the bottom of the page) to get daily helpings of stories delivered via online video.

If you've got video online of your performances, point me to it!

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Comment by Tim E on March 5, 2010 at 10:02am
not sure why you can't see the videos. It could be a technical problem with the school's network: does the school limit access to certain sites, or limit bandwidth?

Sometimes my web browser won't open the videos directly from the channel page: I click, but nothing happens. In that case, I copy/paste the link into my browser to go to that video's own page.

Comment by Chara on March 5, 2010 at 8:45am
Tim- Thanks for the link to the Youtube Channel- this is EXACTLY what I've been looking for. I'm teaching a college course right now and wanted to use some video of storytelling. However, it seems that almost all of the videos that are on the channel come up as unavailable. I'm particularly thinking of the one of Bro. Blue. Any suggestions?
Comment by Kirk Waller on February 25, 2010 at 5:30pm
This is a nice site. I just spent some time there, thanks to your post. I even saw one of my videos on there that I had posted on YouTube! Thanks for the tip!



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