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Have you wondered why we cannot mix comedy with storytelling?

Try it!

I am also an amateur stand-up comedian and have decided to make my stories sound funny. This works best when you are creating a story or involving audience participation. This also works when you are re-telling a boring or not so exciting story by putting in funny words, expressions and personal opinion in a funny manner.

This works best more with adult audience or those above 10-12, because they are able to grasp the funnies. For smaller kids, drama and voice and sound effects is preferred. 

In fact i even sometimes perform comedy in form of storytelling. Then why not the other way round? 

You can always describe something ordinary into something funny. For example, Make the grandmother of red riding hood answer to the question why are the ears so big by saying, "That is because my ears have extended due to the latest ear phones or they have perked up due to those new long speakers," or some such funnies.

There could also be a comedy storytelling skit, like a funny storytelling play enacted between two individuals or even a storyteller and a puppet. Ventriloquism is also another way of telling a story along with comedy thrown in. There could be a million ways to tell a story or perform. 

People like variety and this comes with practice, trial and errors and loads of confidence. This can be built by facing live audience through numerous programs and events. I have failed many times in my comedy attempts, but each time, i have worked on the weak points and try to gain confidence of my own performance. There are also lots of chances of forgetting the funny lines and fumbling is the fall out. However, only practice, and confidence to perform can get you there. 

Another thing is to remove all the stage frights, because it simply stales the best of the lines, stories and enactment. How i deal with it? Well, i try to forget i am standing in front of an audience or i concentrate more on my performance and less on looking at faces. In time, the storytelling ways have made me built confidence to be funny without stalling or forgetting my words. 

Trying different methods of storytelling, comedy and performance is needed, because you need to find your own comfort zone, rather than going by a standard template of performing. It never works! Everyone has their own style and they make it only by being different. Besides, the audience also needs variety!

Let me hear of what you think and share your experiences and ideas too... 



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Comment by Asha Sampath on October 9, 2013 at 12:09am

Hi Dhara! Nice article. I believe stories can be used in any situation- they are so adaptable, just like your version of the long ears as told by Red Riding Hood's grandmother! It is a great world to be in..... with stories! 




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