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Storytelling for Peace in the Holy Land

Have just spent four weeks with 13 other storytellers from 11 countries in all, working in Emerson college ~Sussex, UK. Two of our group Roi Gal-Or and Ethan Freidman are programme carriers for a great event - we are going to the Holy Land to work with Arab and Jewish storytellers, teachers, parents and young people. We will host workshops in various places, and at the end of May we are performing in Galilee at a Storytelling for Peace Festival in Harduf. for more info see,il/festival. Both Roi and Ethan have been working very hard to pull together all aspects of our trip, as well as keeping the four weeks rolling.

It has been a time of fun, intensive coaching of each other and the usual challenge of turning such a wide group from a bunch of strangers into a cohesive, operational group. The time has flown by and tommorrow we leave here at 05.45 for a long day of travel. I am looking forward to the experience of meeting lovely people and sharing stories with many of them.

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Comment by Olivia Wells on May 17, 2009 at 12:37pm
I wish you the very best in Israel, and send my love to go with you all. May it be an inspiring and positive experience.

Please send my love to Roi and David, who I met last year at Emerson.

love steph
Comment by Priscilla Howe on May 14, 2009 at 11:18am
Have you by any chance contacted storyteller Carol Grosman at Jerusalem Stories?



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