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Storytelling highlights in 2013 for Anna Jarrett

It's been a big year for working with deep story. While I've been doing my Dip Ed in secondary education, I've also been working as a story consultant on 3 very different kinds of projects:

 training the staff at Albury Museum in working with stories and designing 1.interpretive programs which tell the multiple layers of the region's histories from Wiradjuri country to post war immigration to the making of Albury city.

2.touring with RICE, a remote children's service which works in outback communities in South Australia, running mobile playgroups and workshops for parents

3. Education Dreaming - an oral history and storytelling book publishing project with local Aboriginal women on the south coast, sharing stories about experiences of work and education. The book is available as an e-book:

Storytelling is alive & well in many forms. Here's to our world full of stories.

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