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"Storytelling Lessons for Kids: 5 Ways to Go Beyond What Piano Can Give Them"--posted by Rachel Hedman

Thanks to my nephew, sister-in-law, and mother-in-law for allowing permission to post the pictures.

Throughout all ages of time, parents have encouraged and sometimes "forced" their children to receive piano lessons.

I was one of those kids who took piano lessons.

Currently, I do not have a piano in my home, which I plan to rectify soon. A home is not complete without a piano.

In the meantime, much of my piano skills have gone by the wayside, though the memories sustain me.

Despite the moments when I would rather do chores than practice the piano, I also had moments when I played and played and could not wait for the recitals.

I always was a child who enjoyed the spotlight.

Walking onto that stage was glorious, but once I got to the piano bench, I had to turn my back or side to the audience. Even if the piano was turned in such a way so that I could look at the audience, the piano was too tall to truly connect with the people out there.

Sure, I heard the applause after I played a number, but I missed the continuous reactions from the audience.

Then came high school.

I was a sophomore when my theatre friends encouraged me to look into the National Forensics League, which had several categories in public speaking contests.

One of those categories was storytelling.

Finally, I had an art form that would allow me to look at the audience the whole time.

So where can youth turn for storytelling guidance?

Here are some ways:

1. Clubs
2. Camps
3. Festivals
4. Contest and Showcase Events
5. One-on-One or Small Group Lessons

To discover more details such as the latest youth storytelling trends, go to my "Voice--A Storyteller's Lifestyle" blog.

Until we tell again,

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