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Last week I was invited to tell to veterans and their families at a local US Army Reserve Armory. I ran a mini workshop and told a couple stories but the faces of my listeners told stories all their own. Many folks were struggling just to put food on the table while their husbands or wives were on active duty. Others were facing the challenge of readjusting once they returned home. After the program was over many folks came up to me and expressed the importance of having individual stories heard.

If you are looking for an outlet to tell, why not call your local post and offer a performance. I told to an adult audience, but there are programs for children of service men and women that are also looking for entertainers. There is a new generation of stories needing to be told, let’s step up and start listening. This was one of the most enjoyable shows I’ve done in the last few months. Rivka

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Comment by Country Joe Rosier on March 10, 2010 at 5:26pm
Great idea and very fulfilling



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