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The Colours of Hope, Storytelling Theatre, June 19th 2010, Emerald, Victoria, Australia

The auditorium darkened and the audience hushed. In the fading notes of the harp, Cindy-Lee Hunter Harper stepped through the curtains onto the stage and into a pool of blinding light. In the velvety black, not a face could be seen. Cindy-Lee took that leap of faith in an expectant audience and began.

Unseen the audience laughed on cue and the tale unfolded of a woman starting life again and the stories filling her with the colours of hope.

Finished, Cindy-Lee went back through the curtains and Cora Zon replaced her in a spot light to one side of the stage. The curtains opened to reveal a screen and as Cora told her story of a Magic Garden the images slowly changed. Cora boldly crossed the stage from spot to spot as the story shifted space and pace, cumulating in a series of images designed to linger in the memory.

Imelda Evans followed with the moving Miracle song and left audience members with tears in their eyes at the beauty of the words and her voice.

Cindy-Lee stepped out again to tell in a simple spotlight, the poignant Kathleen’s Tale, followed by several minutes of Cath Connelly’s lovely harp.

John Sheills shared his skills and created a small wonder on stage to enhance his tale of the Paper Fortune. The audience enjoyed this enormously. Imelda took us out to the break with a delightful blues rendition of the Rainbow Connection.

After imbibing refreshments, we changed pace. Cath called the audience to their seats with her harp and our lighting technician kept some of the auditorium lights up. Hendre Roelink took the floor with his story, the Chisel. Hendre captivated in a performance that had the audience laughing and in tears.

Harp music brought us to John, standing on stage. He delivered his story of the Carpenter to great effect. Imelda had toes tapping with a snappy version of If I had a hammer and led us onto the next story. Cora stood stage right to tell the Dancing Camel’s tale which left the audience wanting more.

Cindy-Lee completed the cycle of stories with There Was an Old Woman and moving in three spotlights across the stage, brought the evening to its conclusion.

The Storytellers thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to perform, the Theatre folk were pleased and the audience loved it, stayed and stayed to chat, long after. The mix of genre, from contemporary to folk and folktale, the difference between Tellers and variance in presentation kept the whole performance fresh and the audience engaged.

It went so well that the performance will be repeated later in the year. The theatre folk are keen to experiment with storytelling theatre again. The Storytellers’ thanks go to the The Gem Theatre, David Greenaway as Director and Trevor as Lighting Technician.

And that is not the end of that!

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