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Back when the world was young, and the animals could speak to each other, lived a crab and his friends, the fish in a peaceful pond behind the mountain. They lived happily, playing together and taking care of each other. However, it was unfortunate for them, a long dry season happened that year, and the water in their pond was getting less and less. The fish were getting worried for they knew very well that they would die without water, unlike their firend, the crab, who could still survive without water (even though for not a very long time).

Then came the Crane, who accidentally visited the pond. He could sense that the fish were troubled, and asked them, "Why are you worried, my dear fish?"

"We are," answered the fish, "Don't you see the water in this pond is getting less, soon it'll dry and we all will die..."

The Crane looked at them and smiled, "Well, you shouldn't be troubled, you can always find a new place to live."

"Easy for you to say, my friend," answered the fish, "But we're fish, we can only travel by swimming. Unlike you who can fly anywhere you like. We don't know how to find a new pond for us to live."

"Oh, that's your problem. If that so, I can help you. When I was flying here, I see a big pond behind the mountain, and I think it's bigger than this pond. It's more beautiful and surely you can live there."

"But, how are we supposed to go there?" asked the fish.

"That should be no problem at all. I can carry you in my mouth, and fly there." the Crane suggested.

For a while, the fish had discussion among them. They were really in need to have someone to help them, and the Crane looked sincere enough to help them. However, the Crab did not feel the same.

"I don't trust him. Why don't we just stay here for a little longer. We'll think of some way soon," said the Crab.

"We wish we can stay longer, but we're afraid the water will be finished soon, and unlike you, my friend Crab, we cannot survive at all if we don't have water. We will take the Crane's offer." said the fish.

At the end, the fish agreed to follow the Crane, and the Crane carried them one by one in his mouth to the new pond. After all the fish had been carried away by the Crane, it was the Crab's turn. However, the Crab refused to enter the Crane's beak.

"My shell is hard. I'm afraid I can hurt your beak. Can you carry me with your feet, please?" asked the Crab.

The Crane agreed. Then in no time, both of them were flying to the sky. The Crab had never flown before, and he was amazed to see their pond, the river, and the mountain from above. When he was sightseeing all the stuff, suddenly he saw an unexpected thing on the ground. He could see many fish bones on the ground. Then he found out what had happened. The Crane did not take his friends to the new pond just like he promised, the Crane ate them instead.

This made the Crab got very mad, and with his claws, he pinched the Crane's neck. The Crane cried in pain.

"Let me down or I'll break your neck!" cried the Crab angrily.

The Crane had no choice, but to fly down and let go of the Crab. Soonest the Crab touched the ground, the Crab let go of his claws and ran as fast as he could from the Crane.

Good moral: Stranger is Danger. Don't believe in someone you don't really know.

Well, actually the story didn't end that way. The end was the Crab pinched the Crane to death. But, I found this to harsh for the young children that I teach, so I changed the story a bit. :)

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