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I have this wacky theory I’d like to explore here on my computer screen, that involves the letter L.  

It seems to be a happy happenstance that words with the same first letter can often be grouped together.

I noticed the other day when writing out the first step for creating a Storytelling Project, that it involves two sets of words beginning with the same letter.  The step is:

Discuss, design and decide, the purpose, people and process, for your storytelling project.

These six major words could take hours of time to settle, and if done well, would be an amazing foundation for a storytelling project.

Another little word anomaly I want to share, just because it really blew me away when I realised, is that the word ‘hearth’ contains the words ‘earth’ and ‘heart’.  Plenty in that to ponder, but this is a storytelling blog, so onwards towards storytelling relevance.

There are fours words that all begin with L that I think, (and here I use the word ‘think’ in the sense that I am not sure) all personal stories could fall under.  At least one but maybe several of these words reflect the core of what the story is about, and perhaps the best stories have all four.

And the words are….

Drum roll….

Love, Loss, Learning, and Laughter

So my challenge to you is to think of a story, preferably a true personal one, that you have told or heard, and run it through the ‘L’ test to see if it isn’t, at its heart, about love, loss, learning and/or laughter, and let me know what you discover.

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